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Where are we?? 

That was the thought which immediately rushed through hub's and my head as our taxi driver turned off the main road and started heading down a rather quiet, obscure path. If it wasn't for the fact that Singapore is the safest country ever (although maybe not, considering all the recent slashings and murders), we'd actually be slight concerned.  

We were off to try Kilo, an Italian-Japanese fusion restaurant which was recommended by several friends and colleagues. I realized how popular it was when I made a reservation a week in advanced and was only left with a 6 pm slot. I grabbed at the opportunity, considering hubs and I actually prefer to eat earlier. I think I've inherited this quirk from my parents who eat dinner at 5. In fact, I once received a text from my mom at 4, telling me she was sat at a food court eating.  

"Late lunch?" I asked.
"What? No! Dinner!" my mom brazenly replied, as if I'd asked the most absurd question ever.  

We finally pulled up outside Kilo, which was located in a rather dated, warehouse-y looking building. Their interior was equally minimalistic and raw which was quite refreshing, but not our cup of tea. We were then sat and served by a broody waitress, who halfheartedly and curtly responded to our questions about the menu. Besides the service being a let down, we were also highly disappointed by their incredibly limited cocktail menu. We had no choice but to settle for some sparkling wine which ended up being a disappointment, to say the least. It wasn't the best of starts but we kept our fingers crossed and hoped more would come from the food.  

Kilo's minimalistic, raw interior

The first dish to arrive was the avocado-wasabi tuna tartare & flour chips. I was pleasantly surprised as the tuna was fresh and nicely complimented by the creamy texture of the avocado-wasabi mix. The flour chips were lacking in taste, but it didn't really bother me cus I saw them more as a massive spoon to shovel as much tartare into my mouth as possible. I adore tuna tartare and am happy to say that Kilo mastered the dish quite well.  

Avocado wasabi tuna tartare & flour chips (aka big spoons) 

Next came the crispy salt & pepper squid, which we unfortunately weren't too impressed by. The batter was much too thick and got soggy way too fast. Also, the pieces were waaay to chunky for my liking. They've gotsta be small & bite sized, so you don't end up in a situation where you're mouth full of squid (might I say, choking hazard?) or awkwardly gnawing away at a tentacle. Not good date food. Nuh uh.  

Uncrispy salt & pepper calamari

Our disappointment quickly shifted to bewilderment when bestowed upon us was a massive chunk of fried batter. Hubs and I exchanged confused looks.  

"What is this?" hubs asked, prodding at it with a choppy (we sometimes, okay, a lot of times, forget what we order).  
"Um, I don't know," I said, joining in on the prodding. 

Finally, a bit of batter broke to reveal five ickle gyozas staring back at us. 

"Ahhhh," we chimed in unison, once it dawned upon us that this was the UFO prawn and cabbage gyozas. I'd been puzzled by the dish's name at first, but now fully understood why it was inspired by an unidentifiable object. 

The gyozas tasted good, especially when dipped in the soy vinegar, but were nothing to rave about. Truth be told, I preferred chomping on the batter. The most memorable thing about the dish was probably its appearance. 


UFO prawn & cabbage gyoza. I bet you've never seen gyozas like this before!

Gyozas peaking out from under the crispy layer of batter 

Our last dish to arrive was the 12 hour roasted pork belly with purple potatoes, sour cream & crackling. We had such high hopes for this one, mostly cuz pork belly + crackling is one of those can't-go-wrong foods...or so we thought. The dish wasn't awful, don't get me wrong, it just didn't blow us away. The sauce lacked a distinct flavour and ended up making the fried potatoes soggy, while the sour cream did nothing to enhance the taste either. Hubs was so excited for the pork crackling (he's British, so that explains it) but they came out huuuuge and were more chewy than crackly. Which is a problem, because you end up with another awful squid-esque fiaso.  

12 hour roasted pork belly with purple potatoes, sour cream & crackling. See how big the cracklings are! See!! 

Overall, we liked Kilo, we just didn't think it lived up to its hype. Or maybe our expectations were too high. Their food was good (not spectacular), but their drinks and service left much to be desired. The decor was cute and rustic, but definitely not enough to entice us to venture all the way out there any time soon! 

60 Kampong Bugis 
Singapore 338987
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